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Our passion to serve others

Starting over 30 years ago with a passion to serve others with only one Truck, ELE Logistics was formed to provide the best services possible. As our company grew through the decades, we were able to recognize and focus our attention to specific needs that benefited our customer and drivers. We attribute our success to the determination and experience of our staff and the devotion of our customers and drivers. We deliver value through a quality service that is based on organization and freight monitoring.

Makes us more than just a transportation company

We are here to help you achieve your goals

Fully insured and licensed by the United States Department of Transportation, we offer competitive rates, competent customer service, and a superb record of satisfaction with our customers. We are more than just a transportation company- we’re a family that puts your needs first as we are here to help you to achieve your goals.

Our Teams


We are a close knit oriented office as we know our drivers, customers, and employees by first name basis. Our primary goal is to direct, control, and supervise the support services of ELE to facilitate our success. We achieve this goal by ensuring free flow of communication and efficient use of resources throughout the organization. We value the importance of organization and transparency, and we will work with you to provide just that.


We offer detailed settlements explaining every aspect of your weekly pay. We promise swift responses to help ensure any questions you may have regarding your settlement payments are answered quickly and efficiently.


We focus on a 1:1 relationship with all our drivers and recognize the importance of working with you to achieve your goals. We are here to provide you coverage in 48 states and transparency as we dispatch you from start to end. If you have any questions during your load, we are here 24/7 to assist you all the way through.


ELE is much more than just a broker. We partner you with experienced carrier advocates who succeeds based on your success. We train all carriers how to utilize different trends and how to maximize load revenue in different regions so that you and your dispatcher have a mutual benefiting relationship.


Our Safety Department ensures that all drivers and equipment stay within DOT compliance. We provide log book training and advice, fulfill insurance requirements, and ensure all vehicles are in safe operating condition.